Friday, May 2, 2008

Through a simple group chat I found out about a store I've never been to before today. Sounds like a shopping trip to me!! So i grabbed my purse and keys heading to Persona. I don't think I was finished rezzing before I bought the store! I found a great assortment of vintage clothing as well as Women's fashion clothes and accessories all designed by Myllie Writer. Very classy clothes with a everyday looks and all at GREAT PRICES. I bought this Persona Tame Set for 190L. Which make this my DEAL OF THE DAY! I must mention that the Tame Set came with a nylons and two skirts. One skirt is a IntelliSkirt. That is fancy designer talk for your skirt is the BOMB DIGGITY! No lie I have paid 400L for clothes that come with notecards like this. I'm so happy to have found this store. I love the fact that a good designer doesn't charge a pixel arm and leg for quality clothes and accessories. ciao

Tame Set - Persona
Shoes - Sixty-nine

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